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AMAZON Placement papers : For Catalog Analyst profile
shared by placed guy:

Process/Rounds for Catalog Associate in Amazon , Hope it Help you :

1.A general topic is given to individual and the candidate must speak on the topic for a minute in front of all without fear where verbal is checked.

2.Written aptitude paper which consists of only logical and verbal based question ,which is not that difficult if you r some what good.

3.Paragraph writing or letter writing are there ,which check verbal knowledge.

4.HR round will be situation based question ,self intro and all . Even here fluency and confidence is checked.

5.Last but not least final HR round where Quantitative question may be asked to see ur problem solving skill and your confidence also been checked.

Hope this will help you…
1 hour test… 15 aptitude 15 English question…
Aptitude : 1 on blood relation ship .. (ans : brother in law… as per i remember)
1 question on series
1 question on speed / distance
1 question on average
1 question on profit and loss (question like… mix all quality of rice with specific ratio and sell them to specific rate 45 rs .. what will b profit…)
1 one quest on direction…. E-W-N-S
3 question from data interpretation easy one (ans : 150% , 1:2.5 , 3rd i dont remember ,, try to solve your self also )
3 question based on condition like A,B,C,D,E are there so which is port which is university and all
English :
2-3 fill in the blank
2 synonyms
1 antonym
2-3 find error
2-3 arrange the sentences
2 question on compression (1st answer from 1st paragraph .. 2nd from last paragraph) (do not waste your time for reading all paragraph.. directly attempt question.)
Hope this will help you guys

1> Aptitude: easy but manage time.
2>GD cum communication round.(tell me about your self and speak on any topic till 2-3 min)
3>Again Aptitude and CQ test….CQ TEST:question related to some products given in the question paper.
4>PI: They will ask some question from boats and stream, probability,p&c, and puzzles.
some questions from your resume.

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