As a Fresher which domain i should select Testing or Development?

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-> First of all , it depends on your Interest what you actually want to do and in which domain you are good at. Some people will be good at coding on the other hand some will be good in testing or other things. So it depends on you for which option you want to go for. Never ever take decision based on what others say to you based on their experience because everybody will be having the same kind of skills and knowledge.


-> Secondly, If you want better salary in the starting phase of your career , then you can go for Development ,as developers will get more salary as compare to Testers. There are so many options for developers also which you can choose. If you are choosing Testers as your career option then also you will get nice pay just you need to have some special skills like you can start learning automation as it is highly required in Market and best part of automation is you can learn development also . For Automation you need to learn some coding so it will help you to learn both the phases of Software field.


-> Thirdly, Never ever think about the company like where you are getting job even its a small company or startup if you are getting job with good pay please join without any second thought.


-> Fourthly, Keep Learning new things always that will enhance your knowledge because IT is the industry where As much As you are learning you will be having more demand in Market. So, never ever say NO to learning new technology.


-> Next, Few people believe that Testers salary will never be as much as developer. So let me clear you one thing if you are good in your Testing profession and having good knowledge with latest technologies with some experience then the salary of a Tester and developer is comparable.


-> If you are a student or just pass out try creating few new projects by yourself which will help you learning both development and testing as well as it will be a plus point in your resume where you can show case it as your skill which will help you to impress interviewer.


Network Security Domain.

Testing and Automation.

Big Data domain.

Application development (Android/ IOS)

Cloud Domain.

Artificial Intelligence / machine learning Domain.

SAP domain.

Web tooling (Full Stack)

Good Luck !! 🙂

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