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#Global Logic : Placement papers & Patterns : Must follow.!

Interview: shared by Placed guy.!

#Candidate Experience :

1.Written consist two sections.

* Apti. Round.
* Technical round.

APTITUDE ROUND- 30 questions in 45 min, cutoff 45%.

It was tough. Because only few ques. were from,

– Time n work (2que) #easy.
– Geo.(2que) #easy.
– Percentage 91que.) #easy.
– Equation(2que) #easy.
– LR (4-5que) #easy.
– Speed n dist.(1que) #tough.
– No. series +coding decoding (3 que) #coding tough.
– Pipe and cistern (1que) #tough.

Some question were found new and was very tough because neither they were from Arun Sharma nor from RS.

If Apti. round clear then only you will proceed for next technical written round.

Tips: In technical round..Most of them chosen Testing.. then C++ .Try to be unique and choose Java ..If u feel comfortable.(because 5-6 students were shortlisted for java categories).

Technical written- 30 Questions -30 Mins- 60 % cutoff.

In technical section ,There were two choices.

1.For Testing.
2.Software developer.
1. No idea about Testing.
2. In S/w developer there was two categories-
2. Java.

Choose any one lang. I selected Java. And ques. were easy !

#Candidate experience 2 :-

I’m giving a short idea about Global logic recent walk-in drive paper pattern.

It consist of two written test:

1. Aptitude.
2. Technical.

Both the test was online.

If you cleared aptitude test then only you have chance to appear for technical test.

Aptitude test: 30 Ques 45 mins 45% cutoff.

Questions was new not from R S Aggarwal. But similar to them like questions quantities are replaced by variables. and options are also given like that.

Eg. if A do B amount of work for C days then..likewise..

Technical test: 30 ques 30 min 60% cutoff.

Options to choose any one among JAVA or C/C++ or QA for technical test.

I choose java. Test is easy…
Questions like java keyword… abstract class and all..

Note: Just don’t try to clear test. But try to top the test. They don’t call for interview everybody who have clear the test. But call some around 50 people who have topped in tests..

Technical interview is good: difficulty 6/10.

Asked all about core java..basic about jsp and servlets.

HR is just formality.