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Calm and Confident ->Always be calm and confident when you are answering any of his questions with a smile on your face.


Be Prepared-> Always be prepared for the interview you are appearing, don’t go without any preparation.


Watch your Tone-> Always have a calm and sophisticated voice tone talking to the Hr or anyone during interview.


Don’t get Aggressive -> Never ever get aggressive even though if they say anything to get you anger just answer nicely without any anger or irritation on your face.


Don’t create stories -> Don’t create stories if you don’t know something just say NO, I don’t know this or else tell whatever you know about that just don’t make stories.


Be slow -> Sometimes if we know something we start to answer that question so fastly don’t do that just be normal and answer once the interviewer has completed his question.


Ask question -> Ask question at the end of the interview to the interviewer if you have anything . just don’t ask your salary or any stupid things.


sit Firmly -> Don’t sit loosely , always sit firmly when you are talking to the interviewer.


Don’t point Fingers -> When you are talking to the Interviewer never ever point fingers on him/her. Its a bad manner.


Make Eye contact –> Make eye contact with the interviewer while giving your answers.


Don’t stare -> don’t stare here and there in the interview room . Just be focused what he is asking.


Be Attentive -> Listen carefully what he is asking , don’t ask so many times what he is saying.


Don’t Argue -> Don’t argue with the interviewer for anything or to justify yourself.Just say , I might be wrong but as per my knowledge -> after this whatever you want to explain.


Don’t be specific about salary -> If you are fresher don’t say any scale of pay in numbers . Just tell as per your company norms to fulfill my basic needs.


Never ever forget to say Thank you before leaving the interview room.

Good Luck !!  🙂

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