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1. Series(18 questions->2.15 minutes each):Try to follow (More Link) you will get 10/12 common questions
from it.(Do atleast 25 page). For rest of the questions quickly check the following rules:
B. Substraction
C.If the difference between the numbers are very large then check multiplication
D.Chain rule
E. Alternate Prime no.
F. Alternate Addition and Multiplication
H.Power rule
I.Difference of difference rule
If after following these rules you are not getting the answer then try to analyze the answer and do back calculation.
It’s not necessary to write the series in your copy before solving during the exam because of this you will lost atleast
10sec. so try to avoid this.start your calculation from the screen.
NOTE: This rules are not written anywhere, but if you are solving series continuously then, i am sure you will understand

2. Aptitude (18 questions->2.15 minutes each): This is the most difficult part of the exam.Due to this lots of students are

not able to clear this round. Go through m4maths and solve topic wise as much as you can. Please don’t remember the

answers,try to follow the procedure because they will give the same type of problem with different values.You will get 5/6

common questions,and rest you have to solve by your own.If you are unable to solve any question(when the clock is blinking

arround 25 sec.left) start analyzing the answer and click the nearest one(according to your thinking).

3.English(22 questions->20 minutes): This part is very easy but, because of confusing answers some student are not able to

clear this round.If you have any confusion then follow this file.In this file the answers are verified.

4.Java coding(2 question with two different test case->45 minutes each): This round is very easy just follow below 5

questions because they will ask only string program.
A.WAP to print next last word of a given string.
B.WAP to remove vowels from a given string.
C.WAP to search a given character form a string.
D.WAP to reverse an input string.
E.WAP to convert upper case to lower case or vice-versa of a given string.

NOTE- the platform is not very user friendly.It can create many confusions but go through hackerrank,you will understand


for java program:MORE INFO

for series question:- MORE INFO

for English:- MORE INFO


IBM Paper Pattern:

Those who are going for IBM interview can refer below sample questions.

There are 3 section of written round in IBM Exam:

1st Written: Online aptitude test consists of 36 questions. 16 questions from number series and 16 questions from general aptitude. Each questions consists of only 2.15 m. Prepare IndiaBix for 1st round that is more than enough to crack, general aptitude include TIME AND DISTANCE, TIME AND WORK, PROBABILITY, AVERAGE, RATION AND PROPORTION. Mainly m4maths and IndiaBix is enough for both tests. Level of questions is medium, you can refer indiabix for preparing these kind of questions or I can find below sample papers u can refer them also, might be you get same questions:

2nd Written: English Assessment : You can find English assessment questions in below attached file.

3rd Written: Program Execution round:
They are giving you 1 program which u have execute on the system. Below are the some programs which are asked in IBM test.
• Write a program to print next to last word of a sentence
• Write a program to remove the vowels from the input string.
• Write a Program to convert uppercase to lower case and vice versa of a given string or sentence
• Write a program to reverse the string
• Write a program to print a desired character from string

Technical Round : There is only 1 technical round in which they are not asking too much questions , they are checking your basics level of technical skills, they check your communication.
In interview they can ask questions from :
• C
• Opps concept
• Data structure
• About your project

Managerial/HR Round: Personal interview + few things about company you should prepare.