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Onmobile  Company

#Onmobile Interview Pattern:

First round : written test , 1st round consisted of hackerrank test with basics of SQL,Java and testing, Objective questions on java collections, socket, threads,SQL,operator, precedence, increment decrement operator. 1-2 program you need to write on the given problem.
Please refer the below links to prepare the questions

Java : More info

SQL : More info

C/C++: More info


2nd round : Technical round : In technical round if the profile is Java, please prepare below topics well.
Core java Questions: java collections, socket, threads, precedence, increment decrement operator, StringBuffer and String, DK,JRE and JVM, HashMap, Multithreading, abstract vs interface,const vs read only,generics vs collection,MVC routes,filter,session maintenance,string builder and string,SQL group by having clause
they will ask you few puzzles also in the technical round.
Interview programs:

• Run two threads and make them print number in seaquence for eg: Thread A prints 1 then thread B prints 2 then thread A prints 3
• Program to reverse words of a sentence string in Java.
• programs find biggest pallindrome in a long string, angle between minute and hour needle of the clock
• write Fibonacci series,display * in incremental pattern,swap values in variable without using temp.

2nd Technical Round: Interview pattern will be same as above, here they can ask you some programs to write, some puzzles, some questions from project.

HR/ Managerial Round: Its personal interview, they will check your communication, prepare few points about the company.

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