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Siemens Company

#Siemens Placement papers & Patterns : Must follow

Written test:
The written test consists of 2 sections

Siemens Interview Process

1) Technical 2) Aptitude

In written test (Technical) majority of the questions are on C++, that too they concentrate much on theoretical concepts than programming questions.

In aptitude section the questions are not that much difficult, and the questions are mainly based on Time and work, ages, Time and distance, ratios, ages..

Guys Its strongly recommend you to please go through aptitude because any company’s written test you people will find aptitude section for sure.. so please spend some time for aptitude..
Some of them who are very strong in programming and technical will not qualify in written exam due to sectional cut off..

Technical Interview:
In my technical interview questions are asked mainly about C programming questions which are mentioned in my resume..
Programs like largest among array of numbers(easy)..Much focus on pointers and some concepts related to data structures.
Some puzzles were asked and some some questions like “what is the angle between hours hand and minute hand at 3:15..” ans is 7.5 deg..
Questions are asked on project and mini project.. so please be prepared with your project which you have done in your along with C,C++,linux, tcp-ip. 

HR Interview:

HR Interview was conducted. HR Interview was a combination of HR round and managerial round.. Many questions were asked in hr interview.. like
Tell brief introduction about yourself,
Questions about the activities during studies,
About Project, some puzzles, reasoning questions. some general questions like “If you are present in that situation what will you do at that time”..
The total interview was done based on the things which are mentioned in the individual Resume..