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1. Always have a look and research for the company where you are going for interview as these companies will be asking about their achievements or what you know about them during interview rounds .So always have a safe side of gathering knowledge of those companies.

2. Search in internet which types of questions they are asking during interview it will help you a lot to be confident while going for an interview. If you are not able to find the info please ask someone or take someone’s help otherwise these small mistakes made a big blunder in your career.

3. Always collect or make a note of your achievements or rewards of your life which you can highlight in front of interviewer to impress him/her.

4. Make sure that you have to stick to one point which you have mentioned once regarding your personality dont fluctuate it will show your decisive behaviour.

5. Always highlight your positive points while introducing yourself .

6. when you are telling about your weakness make sure you tell that in a positive way.

7. Always wear formals during interview which should be neat and clean . Don’t wear anything randomly and go.

8. Try some basics things which you are going to say in front of mirror twice or thrice to make yourself confident.

9. People generally don’t consider but sometimes bad body odour , messy hair these types of small things gives a big negative impression about you . So please try not to do that.

10. Always keep those things in you resume which you know or at least have good knowledge on that.

11. If you don’t know anything please confess that i don’t know .Don’t say YES and create problems for yourself.

12. Don’t see here and there while waiting for your chance . Keep silence and refresh your mind.

13. Always prepare one or two questions which you want to ask at the end of the interview to the interviewer.

14. Make sure that your Resume is prepared in sophisticated manner. Don’t put so many things and make it messy specially when you are a fresher.

15. Make sure you are kind to everyone you meet in the office premises. Because you don’t know to whom you are meeting.

16. Always give answers with confidence don’t stammer or be nervous.

17. Most importantly be punctual for the interview.

18. Keep your necessary documents handy.

19. Sometimes interviewer will try to make you confuse but if you are confidence don’t say yes even though he is saying.

20.Never ever say to yourself that you are gonna get this. Always be like i will give my best without thinking of the results.

21.Sometimes they will check your patience by asking you to sit for longer time . Don’t get anger or irritation just be calm and wait for your chance.

22. Don’t say your salary expectation in some scale Just tell as per your company norms to fulfill my basic needs.


These are the Tips and tricks which are going to help you a lot in your interview.please have a look and assemble in your life.

Good Luck !!  🙂

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