Success story of Rohini Nayak | Must Read | Motivation | Placed in Capgemini

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Hi Friends, My name is Rohini Nayak. I completed my B.Tech in year 2016 and after that, I thought I will enjoy my life one year because I want to live my life for some time without any tension. But I didn’t realise what my future will be and I spent one year if my life without thinking about my future. Later after one year when I started finding a job I was very cool when I got a rejection in starting but later on, I started feeling bad for myself. In sometimes only I got to know what mistake I have done and one by one everywhere I was getting rejection.  [expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

I was frustrated and I thought that I will never get a job in Bangalore. But I was always motivated by 2 persons one is my college senior and like my elder sister and another one is Lazy Developer who always told me to never give up. So I will give you a free suggestion that try be with positive people who will motivate you. Their motivational sentences also help me to do much better. I’m telling you honestly their contribution always obsessed me. So personally I would like thanks Lazy developer sir even I don’t know the actual name. 😛 😀 .  Also, I would like to thanks who referred me for that opportunity. Apart from that happyy2help contribution is also precious because they provide me lots of information about drive and how to prepare for the drive. Finally, I would like to tell you guys do your best and try to attend drive as much as you can and if u will get reject then don’t disappoint. In fact, try to learn from that rejection, this will help you to get your goal. 

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Finally, after lots of rejection, I decided to try for BPO or call centre but there also after a dozen of rejection I got a job in one BPO. I was very happy for a few months later on I again started for developer jobs. As I was not having an experience I got rejection. I prepared one time table and managed my time for study. After many rejections finally got selected in MNC(Capgemini) because of my hard work. So never lose hope guys. I am really happy to be part of Happy2Help and hope in some manner my story will inspire you. [/expander_maker]

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