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Hi Friends, My name is Vaishali Singh, I am really feeling happy to share my story here. I completed my graduation in the year 2015 and after completion, I was preparing for Govt jobs. I was a very bright student, i was good in my technical also. In between my preparation time of Govt jobs i lost my father 🙁 . Being an elder child of my family all responsibilities came upon my shoulders. I had to stop my preparation and i started searching for jobs because I didn’t want to trouble my family. After a few interviews, i got a job in one MNC(Infosys) as a system Engineer. Don’t think about rejection Just think where you guy’s lacking exactly. Daily try to Improve your weak areas! Daily work hard for Improving your technical skill, communication skill your interpersonal skills!! 

But still, I was having the passion for Govt jobs. But again remember it’s you who need to workout for your life, rest other people just going to taunt you in struggle and gonna celebrate with you on success! Always look around you, you are the key one who’s going to change your career..! We are YOUNG people. This is perfect time to decide about LIFE.! If you are looking in IT jobs then Please work hard for your all poor areas !! Don’t fool yourself, work hard and give your Best always.

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You are in IT Industry, where all career changes and progress depends on you. you can ask all n number of IT employee, hope they can share their experience but it’s my personal experience and suggestions for you all!  No one born here as talented, even talented people sacrificing here. Please utilize your time your info in a proper way. and I didnt give up for that I was still preparing for my Govt jobs along with my job and after 3  years of hard word i cleared my exams and got placement in a govt firm(State Bank of India) 🙂 with all my hard work and in this journey Lazy Developer(I don’t know his name :D) helped me a lot by his motivation and by helping me finding the right path for job. you guys are really in good hand. Thanx and all the best. Be a fighter.. fight for your life by own all positive mindset!

Hope it helps. 🙂

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